We’re a crew of chemists, biologists and horticulturists on a mission: to craft the richest soils and fertilizers on this great green earth.

Our full line of professional-grade media and amendments are blended with premium ingredients sourced from the deepest of oceans and darkest of bat caves. Because after years of growing on this planet we love, we know that’s where she keeps the good stuff. 

The flower-building phosphorus. The hunger-quenching guanos. The root-boosting brewer’s yeast and water-holding cocos, too. All the potent ingredients Mother Earth® herself uses to sprout shrubs on mountainsides and flowers in cracks in the pavement. It’s with high-quality ingredients like these that we blend our potent mixes, designed to nourish your plants for a better grow every time. That’s the power of Mother Earth®.

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